Happy News: I'm on the Mend!

I would like to thank everyone who expressed concern about my long list of health troubles of late.  How very thoughtful to send me (and a very worried Jeannie) your well-wishes!  Here's a quick update on my long list of achey, virusy, and cystic party-poopers:

First, the kennel cough has been resolved - thank goodness!  I just love to rub noses with other doggies, so being Typhoid Mary is no fun for me at all. :(  Even though it hasn't been a full year since my last vaccine, Jeannie made sure that I got a Bordetella shot last week.  So,  I hope kennel cough will stay at bay for some time!  Of course, anything is bound to happen with me. 

The inter-digital cyst is slowly improving, though it doesn't seem to be bothering me one bit.   I have at least 1 1/2 weeks left on special peanut buttery medication for this.   Do your pills come topped with delicious peanut butter, too?  YUM-MEEE!

Finally, the most recent issue:  my mysterious limp.  Dr. Metzler wasn't sure if the pain was in my foot, my elbow, or both.  All Jeannie knows is that it happened sometime during the night.  I went to bed perfectly fine, and woke up behaving as if I'd been struck my a car!  

Here's a video taken that morning when Ben and Jeannie took me in to the vet.  What do you think happened?  Jeannie is betting that it was some ill-fated late night cat showdown.  But, I don't remember a thing!

As you know, Jeannie and Ben decided to board me at the Alamo Heights Pet Clinic that night.  They were very worried that I might hurt myself on the many stairs I have to climb to get inside our apartment.  

Happy ending:  On Saturday morning, Dr. Metzler called Jeannie to say that I had improved a great deal.  So, I got to come home! Yay!  Even though I'm feeling much better  now, Dr. Metzler wants Jeannie to watch me very closely until Friday.  There's a slight chance that I will need another special shot to prevent my foot and elbow aches.  Can't wait to return to Camp Bow Wow and my beloved dog park -- I'll be sure to post once I've been released from house arrest. :)