All About Mayli

Before I was called Mayli...

According to my vet, Dr. Melinda Metzler, and the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue (SAGD), I'm somewhere between one and two-years old (the grey on my muzzle makes Ben think I'm just a bit older, but Jeannie disagrees).  Unfortunately, no one knows for sure, because I was found in a McDonald's parking lot with no ID tags. Sadly, this kind of thing happens a lot in San Antonio -- the shelters are so full that Animal Control rarely response to even the most urgent calls about stray animals. So, when a family in San Antonio can't keep their pets any longer, they will often dump them on the streets.  I was lured out of a truck with a hamburger and then chased behind as my family drove away.

My humans, Ben and Jeannie, think that I was loved very much before I came to them.  They say that doggies who are socialized as well as me take lots of work and care.  People think that I'm awfully special because I get as excited to meet a person or kitty as I do when I meet another dog.  I'm also very gentle and confidant -- two qualities that would be difficult to develop with an undedicated, or abusive owner.  You never can tell why people give their doggies up. I know a lot of Great Danes have been surrendered to the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue due to divorce, new babies, financial difficulties, death, military deployment, etc. The list goes on and on.  Ben and Jeannie aren't sure why my first family couldn't keep me, but they're awfully glad I live with them now!

Luckily, the night was I was left at McDonald's, a woman who works with Heart of Texas Greyhound Adoption, Inc. happened to be in the right place at the right time. She's the one who told Ben and Jeannie all about what happened that night. After she found me, I stayed with her for a few days as I transitioned to the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue (SAGD) and Ben and Jeannie adopted me in July 2010.

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I look forward to sharing my adventures with you and to meeting lots of blog friends!

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  1. Wait... aren't you a dog? How are you typing this?