A fitting introduction...

Mayli the Labradane lives with her humans, Ben and Jeannie, in San Antonio, Texas.  Dumped by her original owners in a McDonald's parking lot, the San Antonio Great Dane rescue dubbed her "Mikki." When we met, her elbows were dry and hairless, her coat dull and bleached brown from prolonged sun exposure, her ears were infected with yeast, and her teeth were covered in tartar -- I swear I saw our veterinarian nefariously rubbing her palms together as we returned each week.  In the last two and a half months, we have done enough reading about Great Danes to consider ourselves Dane trivia hobbyists.

I must tell you a secret before I go any further -- I'm terrified of dogs.  Well, maybe not the little ones -- but any dog larger than average gives me the willies!  Think an 85 lb Labradane an odd choice for a dog-aphobe?  Not at all.  I had established several criteria when I began my hunt for the perfect dog:

1) MUST pass the hug test (I'm a chicken, so I made Ben perform this test)
2) MUST have zero food aggression ( Ben also braved her happy slobber-lips to meet this criterion)
3) MUST NOT show an ounce of protective behavior -- not even a smidgen (I did not adopt a weapon, I adopted a companion.)
4) MUST have a  glimmer of personality behind the eyes (Great Danes are wonderfully tempered, but many seem downright vacuous -- sorry to the Dane lovers who may be reading this).

It didn't take long to find her and we agree that she fits into our life perfectly.  Since first adopting her 2 1/2 months ago, I have looked forward to starting a blog.  I hope that the information presented herein is educational -- especially to those living in San Antonio where the stray dog problem is overwhelming, to say the least.

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