7 Things About Me

Oh, what great fun!  My very first blog friend, Honey the Great Dane, gave me the Stylish Blogger Award (How stylish is this? The award perfectly matches my coat!).  Thank you for thinking of me, Honey!  I am very flattered, especially since you're my primary source of dog blog inspiration.

Recipients of this award are asked to share 7 things about themselves.  Since I started this blog, I've been trying to figure out an interesting way to talk about my life in delicious detail, and here's my chance!

1) I once answered to "Mikki"

Yep, that's right.  They used to call me Mikki -- but not for very long.  I came to the San Antonio Great Dane Rescue in the summer of 2010 with an interesting story.  I had been abandoned in the parking lot of a McDonald's in San Antonio, Texas!  This left quite an impression on the clever rescue workers and they began to call me the feminine form of "Micky" a la Micky D's.  Read more about my life before my humans here!

2) I am not the only animal member of my forever family
This fact is much to my delight!  I am so very lucky that my humans (and, therefore, I) have three kitties!  When Ben and Jeannie met, they both had kitties and identified as cat people.  Hmm...Jeannie says that she didn't know that she was a dog person before she met me, but Ben has consistently avoided me on the topic.  I don't mind -- Ben still loves me even though he likes kitties best.

Jeannie's kitty was an intra-family rescue named Oreo.  Her sister's family needed a new home for Oreo after they moved unexpectedly in 2003 and the little stinker has been terrorizing Jeannie's heart ever since! :) Jeannie doesn't call her Oreo, though.  To us, she's simply "Little Kitty."  Here's a picture of Little Kitty curled up on some paper plate holders that she claimed as her bed long ago -- what do you think?  Does the name fit?

Ben's kitties are called Akuma and Sakura.  The male, Akuma, is my best friend, whether he realizes it or not.  But, Sakura (the black and white kitty below) is very nasty to me.  I wonder if she'll ever figure out that I love her...

3) My favorite toy is a squeaker!

It's always with me.  Ben and Jeannie always remember to put it in my crate with me while they're out and about.  When they return and unlock my crate, first I take a victory lap around the bedroom, then I return to break my old, orange buddy out of the pen!

4) My most reliable command is "In!"

I'm not sure how most doggies feel about their crates, but I love mine!  If Ben and Jeannie go out and leave me on the living room couch, I get very scared and bark until they come home.  This is very unusual behavior for me, because I rarely bark.  My humans didn't know what I my voice sounded like until I lived with them for a week.  Jeannie couldn't believe what a slow, deep, and (relatively) quiet bark I had!  At night when I try to sneak into bed with them, Jeannie gives me a very firm "In!" command from a sleeping position and she was very shocked the first time I listened!  As long as I'm no further than 15 steps from my crate, I immediately respond every time I hear that command.

5) I'm a loyal member of Camp Bow Wow San Antonio

And boy do I love it!  Here I am playing with a young Fawn Great Dane.  Jeannie thinks this Dane is a "formidable opponent" for a big gal like me. 

6) I love the water (and have webbed feet!), but I'm still very afraid of bath-time

I just can't explain it -- I do not like baths.  Hate them with a purple passion.  But, when Ben and Jeannie took me to Gruene, Texas (pronounced "green" for you non-German doggies), I waded into the Medina River and for the first time heard my inner water dog barking.  Maybe this is an indication of things to come....I hope this bath-time nonsense can be quelled as effectively as my stair demon.
Me and Ben in Gruene, Texas -- looks like my fashion sense runs in the family...:)

7) I love to relax on my back

I wish Jeannie wouldn't make me talk about this fact -- it seems so embarrassing.  OK.  At the end of the day, I like to let my hair down and get comfy in a peculiar way. Oh, just see for yourself...

Do you see my favorite toy in this pic?  It's never too far from my reach...
Well, look at that...I guess this trait runs in the family, too! :)

Now, it's my turn to pass out the Stylish Blogger Awards.  My reading list is limited, since I'm so very new to blogging.  But, each doggy below was carefully selected and very deserving!  I look forward to learning more about each of you! Happy blogging! :)


  1. Hey, Mayli! We saw your comments at Honey's blog and wanted to meet you. You look 90% Great Dane to us, especially in your head. That makes you absolutely beautiful to us! We're mid-sized rescue mutts, but mama had Great Danes for decades and decades before she got us, so she likes to read Dane and Dane-mix blogs. We look forward to getting to know you better. Do you pronouce your name May-Lee or May-Lie? We assume the first part isn't pronounced "My" or it would be spelled Mei, but we could be wrong.

    Jed & Abby [who do not have a blog; we just love to visit]

  2. @Jed and Abby in MerryLand
    It's so nice to meet you, Jed and Abby! My name is pronounced May-lee. Ben named me after one of his favorite books, The Who Never Missed by Steve Perry. Jeannie likes quirky names -- her friend has a cat named Dr. Scientist that she is very envious of. Between you and me, I'm really glad that Ben got to name me. Jeannie admits that the name suits me beautifully! Much better than Dr. Dog, DDS...:)

    I look forward to hearing more about you both. Thank you so much for commenting!

    -Mayli the Labradane

  3. Hi Mayli! It's so so nice to meet you. =) Hopefully we can be fast blog friends soon! You have such a wonderful and big family! There's only Momma-1, Momma-2, the occasional-dad and gramma over here. The Mommas seem to think I'm too much of a selfish brat to share my space with anyone else. Well I never! So presumptuous. Hmph!

    Oh, and by the way, I go nuts for squeaker toys too! But they never last very long. I wonder why.... =<


  4. Hello! Thankyou for the award! I haven't responded to Honey's award yet either so I will have to bundle them both in together. A friend of mine has a suspected Labradane called Vader. He doesn't have a blog, but he does look like you (except he's black).

  5. Hi Mayli!

    Very nice to meet you! & Since you are already a valid member of the Labra-Mixers club & LOOK A LITTLE LIKE ME - I welcome you to doggiebloggie land!

    Thank you for passing along the award to me! I'm gonna make my mom/secretary post about it soon...She's a bit lazy & completely occupied taking care of my Monkey Stick little brother Quincy...

    But I will hunt her down & make her do it!

    Looking forward to hearing more about you!

    Love & Licks,

  6. @Randi the lab newf
    Thank you for the warm welcome, Randi! Yes, I think that we definitely favor each other, though perhaps you're a bit fuzzier. :)

    Jeannie says that she has always loved Newfies -- ever since first hearing about them in Peter Pan. So she got very excited when she found your blog. We'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for your 7 things post.

    - Mayli the Labradane

  7. @jet

    Oh, no! I didn't mean to stick you with double-duty, Jet! But, I do like your idea of morphing your two sets of blog award duties into one ginormous post. Jeannie and I are very intrigued!

    Hmm...I would like to get a look at Vader. He's all black, then? Not even a bit of white? I bet he's gorgeous!

    Can't wait to read your post! See you soon!

    - Mayli the Labradane

  8. Hell Mayli. Here on the blog-hop. You're a lovely dog. We like big dogs around here. In fact I often think my two greyhounds are a bit on the small side.
    Love the blog, come and check out ours...

  9. It's nice to read more about you, Mayli! I'm glad that you joined in on the blog hop fun!

  10. Hi Mayli - that was really interesting learning all the stuff about you! Although - are you SURE you're a Dane? You actually like to go into the water??!! Hee! Hee!

    By the way I love those pictures of you curled up on the armchair - so cute!!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. oh - this is just a suggestion but I find that it is better if I reply to people's comments by going to their blogs and leaving a comment there in return, instead of just replying on my own blog. This is because lots of people (me included) never return to a post once we have read it and so we never know that you responded to us! Then you're just sort of like talking to yourself! :-) And so if you don't visit us and we don't come back to see that you answered our comments...well, then we just sort of "forget" about you, if you see what I mean!

    I find in the beginning, especially when you're just starting out blogging and making friends, it's best to carry the conversation by going back & forth and leaving comments on each other's blogs. It's also much nicer to keep visiting each other! I find this is what most doggie bloggers do, rather than just writing in their own comments.