A Day in My Life

  • 6:00 a.m.  Every morning around 6:00 a.m., I wake up on the couch (I love that couch!) or in my crate.  Then, I walk across the apartment to Ben and Jeannie's bed.  I ask for permission, then I curl up at her feet. Then, we all sleep together for a little while- the cats and all.

  • 7:00 am.  Jeannie likes to do a quick lap around the block in the morning. There are lots of schools in my neighborhood, so I get to see lots of kiddos on this quick walk. This morning started off with a dewy walk. I met a man who works at the Montessori School right across the street from where we live.  It might look like I know him very well, but I've never seen him before! This is how I greet everyone (animals and people) for the first time.  Isn't that odd?

  • 7:45:00 - 7:45:02 - Breakfast!  It never lasts long!  Ben and Jeannie have me on Blue Buffalo Large Breed dog food -- I like it very much.  But, when she puts it in my Kong treat dispenser, I always avoid the "life source" bits.

  • 7:45:03 - Back in bed!  This morning Ben slept in and Jeannie went to work for a long, boring budget retreat. Yuck!

  • 1:00 p.m. - Jeannie swung by the house on her lunch break and brought me to Camp Bow Wow.  Here I am "playing" after just an hour -- man, those doggies tucker me out! Do I look like a troublemaker to you? Hmm...

  • 5:40 p.m. - Jeannie picked me up from camp!  Sheesh, I'm tired! Jeannie loves my "Elvis Lip" -- I do this a lot.  Maybe my teeth are sticky...

  • 6:00 p.m. Then, we went to Petco to buy luscious treats and I talked to my favorite lady who works at Petco.  She really helps me and Jeannie a lot.  The one day we didn't see her, Jeannie bought me the wrong kind of Nylabone and I ate it!  Then, I got very, very sick.  Ben and Jeannie had to rush me to the Vet and they gave me lots of antibiotics and shots and sentenced me to house arrest for 5 - 7 days!  Thank goodness she was there today! :)

  • 7:00:01 p.m. - 7:00:02 p.m. DINNER!

  • 7:00:03 p.m. Good night!


  1. I think you thinking you know everyone really well isn't a downfall! I would love to get pets from everybody I meet. If only they weren't so darn scary!
    Well it looks you had a very productive day to me. =D


  2. Hee Hee I loves the elvis lips, can you sing ain't nothin but a hounddog too? Your day seems pretty cool.

  3. You're a very busy dog! No wonder you go to bed so early.

    Thanks for following me, I've returned the favor. Looking forward to reading more about you, Mayli!

  4. O hai! :) Thank u for following mah blog. :) It is very good to know u. :)

  5. An exhausting schedule for sure! We also like to sleep at least 12 hours a day. It's nice to see you are such a confident, friendly young lady. And that the man you introduced yourself to was so dog friendly. Glad to see you're back at Camp Bow Wow, burning off a little energy. Of course, the Dane in you is not high energy, but the Lab is. Interesting gene mix.

    Jed & Abby

  6. You have a busy day, Mayli. Love the Elvis lip, it looks like you ate something sour and making a face.

    It's great that you can go and exercise at the camp. It would be great to have such facilities where I live too.

    Hmm, careful about nylabones... If you don't mind some veggies, a carrot is a pretty good (and healthy) replacement for bones or chew toys. Aschiuta loves to chew on them. Too bad they don't last very long.

  7. Oh my gosh, so adorable!! Now following you...and thanks for the follow! We've both got rescue dogs! :)

  8. Hi Mayli..thanks for following MOI! You have got quite a mix in you...fast/slow! Yow! Anyway, it'll be fun following you! I'm a wee bit speedy/still sometimes so I feel ya!

  9. Awwww...I love Mayli's Elvis lip! I enjoyed reading about a day in Mayli's life. It sounds like meal times are over in a blink of an eye. ;)

    We hope you're having a great weekend!