My obsession: YouTube

Have you ever seen a doggy watch TV?  Well, I haven't really "clicked" with TV yet.  But, Jeannie learned early on that if she went to YouTube and found videos of: 1) squirrels, 2) puppies; 3) kitties or 4) glorious birds, then I would become transfixed! 

I know some of you may be horrified at the thought of letting a 90 lb Labradane "chase" virtual kitties through your computer screen.  Even though Ben is a Genius at Apple and is always pressuring her to buy a new glamorous Mac, Jeannie has a very old PC that they found on craigslist in 2008.  She doesn't have to worry when she drops it, which she does an awful lot.  Also, she doesn't care if I paw at the keyboard (once I ripped the "w" clean off!) or drool on the screen.  

Every once in a while when I'm least expecting it, she will queue up on of these videos and I really love it!  Here I am losing my wits over all sorts of fantastic YouTube videos.

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  1. LOVE Mayli's head tilts AND composure! Jon Farleigh would have eaten the laptop. :(

  2. What a beauty! Do you guys ever fight over the remote control? Love the pictures - they speak volumes!

  3. Hi Y'all,

    Great idea! I'll have to try to get my Human to do that for me!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Wow I haven't really tried watching TV, I'm gonna have to give it a go!

  5. Fabulous! Please convince my Mommas to let me have a go at virtual kitty watching. They seem to be more sensitive about leaving me with their electronic products. Why, they hardly trust me around their cars!
    Oh Mayli, you look so thoughtful when you cock your head to one side. =D


  6. That looks fun. Only the kitties in our house like watching things on screens though. Frou's favorite is the cycling, she watchd almost the whole Tour De France with us!

  7. Nice to meet you. Thanx for stopping by my place. Have you seen the videos of the cats using i-pads. They're really funny. I want an i-pad.

  8. This is absolutely precious :) Thanks for sharing your pics of your Saturday youtubing!

  9. Funny! Oscar's not really into the TV. He did stop to watch a fox hunting baby birds on a nature show once, but besides that, he's had no interest. Never tried the computer though!

    By the way, thanks so much for the clicker training link! It's so helpful, and exactly what I was looking for in terms of some direction in training goals. You're the best!

  10. That is so cute!!! Darwin's not much of a tv watcher.
    Funny about your mom's W... mine is broken too!