A fun (and Yummy) Training Session with Jeannie

This is a video that Jeannie made back in October of 2010.  She spent a long time reading online and found one of her most treasured resources, Honey the Great Dane's blog!  She followed the video instructions and taught me how to perform the "bed command."  This is the third time we practiced "bed" - Jeannie wanted to practice giving the command from a seated position.  Of course, I'm an old pro at the command now and all Jeannie has to do is point at my couch or bed, but back then I was still trying to figure all these strange English words out!  I am awfully cute, aren't I?


  1. I spotted a kitty nose watching your training session ;)

  2. Omg, mayli my human took a cue from yours too! She's been trying to train my hoodlum recall through Honey's human's method as well! Your training jis looking good. Jeannie is doing a stellar job. =p

  3. @Summer
    Thanks, Summer! I'll pass your compliment along. I hope that you'll post videos of you and the Mommas working on this command. We could always use a bit of inspiration! :)

  4. @jet
    Ms. Jet -- there is no shortage of kitty noses in the Ben-Jeannie household. :)

  5. Very cute indeed! Thanks for stopping by to visit us at Critter Alley. We've signed on as your newest followers!


  6. My dogs think that yummy training sessions rock! It looks like Mayli learned "bed" fast. Isn't it fun teaching her new stuff!

    She's beautiful.

  7. Oh wow, Mayli - I'm so honoured to be mentioned - and so happy that my videos have helped you!

    You're doing REALLY well - you're a fast learner! I can't believe that's only your 3rd time!! You've got a great trainer too in Jeannie. My human says 'Bed' is one of the most useful commands she has taught me - we use it everywhere now, like when she takes me out & about and wants me to go and lie quietly in one place (eg, at cafe tables) - and also when visitors come and there are tempting yummies on the coffee tabe at perfect nose height - really useful! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane