Guest Post: Little Kitty Says...

On Sundays, I plan to invite the the other animals who live in my house to guest post on my blog.  The first up is one of the pushiest, yet tiniest little kitties you'll ever meet.  Her alias is Little Kitty, but was originally named "Oreo" because Jeannie's niece, Megan, thought one of the spots on her back looked like a cookie.  To be honest, Jeannie was not crazy about the name, but also didn't want to officially rename her and hurt Megan's feelings.  So, Little Kitty she became, unofficially.   

Little Kitty says... 
Alright, I'm small and I don't really meow -- it's more of a chirp - but I have it on good authority that I'm the smartest animal in the house.  I know what I like and I don't settle for anything less.    

If I could only have three things on a deserted island, the first would be baskets.  They're amazing and oh so comfy. Somehow, no matter how open or narrow, every basket seems to fit my body perfectly.  

The second thing would be food. Ironically, I'm the tiniest kitty in this house, but my humans think my appetite is the biggest.  I've been known to forget myself altogether when Jeannie even thinks about picking up a can opener.  I don't know what comes over me - I go nuts, or maybe a little psychotic.  Sometimes I black out and just fling my body at her from the top of the refrigerator. I've tried to explain that this is a medical condition -- it's like a physical expression of Tourette Syndrome, but she doesn't buy it.  

The third and final thing would be the ability to eat food directly from the comfort of a basket. One glorious day in 2010, I actually made this wish come true...

Next week, we'll hear from the scariest (according to Mayli and only Mayli) kitty who lives in my house, Sakura.  If one picture could sum up all of Sakura's qualities at once, it would definitely be this one:

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Oh my dog! It looks like Sakura is getting ready to crack some skulls!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  2. @chandra
    Chandra, you have no idea. The horror...the horror.... :)

    Jeannie keeps telling me she's the sweetest kitty in the entire world, but I've seen the way she looks at me.

  3. Looks like you caught Sakura at a personal time. She has the surprised "WHAT CHU DOING THERE?!" look on her face!


  4. Hee! HEe! Little Kitty reminds me of Lemon - who was also crazy about food and didn't meow!

    Gosh - that picture of Sakura...I just can't wait to meet her!!

    Honey the Great Dane