Guest Post: Sakura Says...

 As promised, this Sunday I am allowing the toughest (according to me), meanest (also according to me) kitty who lives in my house.  My humans LOVE her because she's so even-tempered and sweet.  They also like those slow, vacuous eyes that don't seem to understand anything about the world she lives in.  Before they got me, they assumed she was destined to be a pushover.  Akuma bosses her around and dominates her every chance he gets.  Little Kitty, who doesn't really like any animals, hates Sakura and loves to intimate her, since it's so easy.  She outweighs Little Kitty by a good 15 lbs, but still can't stand up to her. 

My humans have come to realize that Sakura is actually much more brave than those other kitties in certain respects.  I mentioned this in passing before, but this kitty actually charges me like a wild rhino!  It's gotten so bad that she isn't allowed in the kitchen while I'm eating or to be around me while I'm digesting -- we have to be very careful that I don't bloat from all the stress she creates.  Still, they say she's a sweetie...

Sakura says...
*In a slow, soft, country voice*  Hey, y'all.  I was born in a barn on a farm in Chelsea, Michigan. Ben adopted me in 2004 when I was 8 weeks old.  You wouldn't believe it to look at me now, but I was so very teeny, tiny back in those days.  I never have been very smart and I never will be.  You know what, that's alright with me!  While Little Kitty is busy sharpening her wits and planning her escape, all I really want to do is nap in the sun and snuggle up with Akuma.  

I can't believe that Mayli is afraid of me, because no one else is.  But I definitely get a rush when I give chase and she cowers. What a baby! There's something very exciting about the power I have in that moment.  Also, I hate her.  Period.  I just cannot stand that dog!  Before I even knew what a dog was, I hated her.  She tries to act nice to me and lays down to beg me for acceptance in this throaty moan, but that just makes me hate her more.  You know what, maybe the days of "pushover Sakura" are coming an an end.  Oh, who am I kidding...? *Yawn*

I'm so glad to tell you that you get to meet Akuma next week. His personality is very complex -- he's needy and then easily irritated.  A lot of people don't care for him at all.  But, I (and Mayli...) really love him.  He takes care of me -- he knows I'm too big to properly mind my coat, so he cleans me every day.  And when I get nervous and walk from room to room meowing, he's always close behind.  He's a great friend, even if he is a bit skittish.  

Thank you for reading about me in this week's guest post!  I look forward to stopping in to give updates from time to time, even if this blog belongs to Mayli. ;)


  1. sakura you are very cute... and it's good you have a friend... but be careful, Mayli may call your bluff one day and stand up to you!

  2. Poor Mayli. That's the problem with cats. If they call your bluff you're helpless to do anything! Hang in there. =(


  3. "I never have been very smart and I never will be." We love this quote, Sakura. :)

  4. Hi Mayli & Sakura! Nice to meet you both. Mayli, thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving me a comment. Hey, I have a kitty licing in MY home too. Her name's Ginny & she is a 3-legged cat. Me thinks she's the most snobbish kitty I've ever met! HEE HEE

  5. Nice to meet you, Sakura! You're a very pretty kitty.

    I had a kitty once and he hated my dogs too. He eventually learned to tolerate my fox terrier but he detested the chihuahua with all his might! He passed on (as did the fox terrier) and I couldn't bear to replace him so I got another chihuahua to keep the first one company.