Mayli's Oscar Night

I was very nervous for Natalie Portman early in the evening -- I'm a HUGE fan!  Just look at me, I was a ball of nerves! 

But, even though I was really rooting for the Best Actress category, I ended up falling asleep early.  Just like every night...

Oh, I'll just catch up via goolge in the morning. :)


  1. I woke up late & missed the entire show!!!!

  2. Ha! That looks like a fine sleeping position, Mayli. And, we fell asleep, too.
    Jon Farleigh and Dewi

  3. Isn't that what you're suppose to do?

  4. That looks coooooozy! I ♥ Miss Portman, so I made sure Mama woke me up to watch her win her big award!