Kennel Cough Strikes Again!

Oh, no!  I feel very icky today.  At 6:30 a.m., I woke Jeannie up by walking all around the apartment -- from the bedroom to the bathroom, then ending up in the living room when the icky thing in my tummy started to happen.  She was very scared -- ever since she fed me that Nylabone, she's been on the watch for signs of intestinal blockage. It doesn't help her that I will eat anything I can get my jowls on. :)

After I finished the icky thing, Jeannie was hoping it wouldn't happen again.  She started her day.  She fed the aquatic turtle and checked her work email and then took a shower.  But, guess what.  I did the icky thing again at around 8:00 a.m. -- and this time it was worse!  Of course, since Jeannie is on edge about my digestive system, she immediately thought the worst.  In fact, she was preparing herself for the worst possibility of all - bloat! Even though my tummy has been been tacked, bloat is still a very scary possibility!

So, she brought me to see one of my favorite people in the whole world -- Dr. Metzler at the Alamo Heights Pet Clinic!  On the way, Jeannie had a thought. She remembered that when I had Kennel Cough before, I did something very similar. I would have the icky thing in my tummy, and then I would be fine.  Two hours later, I would have the icky thing in my tummy again -- but again, I would be fine.  Jeannie had no idea this was Kennel Cough at the time. She took me to the pet clinic and casually started describing my symptoms to reception.  Dr. Metzler overheard Jeannie describing these symptoms and rushed us both out of the clinic like lightening!  Once outside, she explained that my symptoms sounded like Kennel Cough and, if I stayed in the clinic, I might infect lots of their sick doggy clients.

Thankfully, this thought struck Jeannie before she went to the pet clinic and she was wise enough to keep me outside in the car when she got there. It took Dr. Metzler no time at all to confirm Jeannie's suspicions -- Kennel Cough strikes again! :(  And just before April training classes begin at the San Antonio Dog Training Club.  Sheesh!  Will I ever get a chance to participate in training classes?  We'll just have to wait and see...


  1. Aw Mayli! It's always somethin', huh? Feel better you sweet thing. Wags and wiggles from Nugget and Oscar!

  2. Bender has had kennel cough twice, the second time was nowhere near as severe, and he hasn't had it since *touch wood* - but we have gone from the injection to vaccinate against kennel cough to the inhaled droplets which are apparently more effective.

  3. Ugh. Kennel cough is no fun! The hacking and wretching... so scary!
    Feel better!!

  4. Oh no, you poor thing! I'm so sorry. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I don't know that I've ever had a dog with kennel cough and hope I don't ever. I've heard that the coughing and wretching can be scary.

    I took my pups to the vet today too but not for anything serious. They just went for their annual shots and the vet said they both looked good.

  5. Mayli, recently my son, daughter, me & my spotted sister, Faith were infected with kennel cough. It 1st started with my daughter Megan. We believe she got it at the dog show we all went to a few days before she got the KC. We had to be on anti-biotics for one whole month! It was yucky but we all are cured now. I'm hoping you'll get cured fast! KC is no joke.

  6. Hi Y'all,

    Maybe you'll get over the kennel cough before you miss too much class.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. Thank you for being my reader :)

    It's interesting to hear about from such a georgious dog :) And I think your situation is very interesting, with human who is afraid of dogs but still having the dog. I'm sure you can make your best to convince her not to be afraid anymore, at least not be afraid of you. You seem really sweet girl!

    Hopefully you'll get well soon!


  8. Oh no, one thing after another. =( Don't worry, if you can't get into this one then the next. Good things are worth waiting for after all! Hope you recover quickly from the kennel cough. Sending lots of healing licks your way!


  9. We're so sorry about the kennel cough. Hope you're feeling better now that you're on medication. We're sure the vet will tell you if it's safe to the other doggies for you to start the next training class, assuming you feel up to it. As long as you're not contagious, you should be able to go. It's good your mom is so alert and takes such good care of you.

    Don't know what kind of nylabone you had, but the 'regular' ones don't work for us, either. We have to have the 'durable' kind for hard chewers, and mama mostly gets us the chewies she got for her Danes: Big Chews by Nylabone. You won't be able to chew off chunks of the Big Chews to swallow. Of course, the raw, huge beef knuckle bones are the best, but they are messy [especially inside the house] and if you're not used to them, they can cause diarrhea. But they're meant to be eaten, take a long time to chew, clean your teeth a treat, and are safe.

    Feel better soon!

    Jed & Abby

  10. Sure hope it all goes away fast! No fun being sick. Crossing paws for you :)

  11. Hope you kick that kennel cough quickly, Mayli!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  12. Oh dear - how unlucky, Mayli!! Your poor human must have had quite a scare too!

    I hope they manage to give you some medicine which can "fast-track" your recovery so that you can start your training classes as soon as possible - it's such a shame to miss out!

    Honey the Great Dane