A weekend full of "Hellos!"

Ben's daddy is still here visiting with my humans, Ben and Jeannie.  I'm so glad that I got to meet him!  He's slated to leave tomorrow in the late morning and I know that I'm going to miss him terribly when he goes.

When he first got here, we played this very confusing, but exhilarating game of ball.  I have this green squeaky ball that drives me nuts. It squeaks.  It bounces.  It does it all! Just after meeting me, Ben's daddy grabbed the green squeaky ball up and hid it behind his back.  After a moment, he pretended to throw it very hard into the next room.  Being a typical doggy, I fall for this trick every time.  Ben's daddy is very clever with doggies and used this weakness of mine to create a variant of "hide-n-seek."  Once I was convinced that the ball had been thrown, he squeaked it from behind his back. What a prankster!  This made me so excited!  I danced and pranced and leaned against Ben's daddy with glee until he let me chomp the ball again.  After a moment of chomping bliss, he grabbed it up and started the whole game over again!

While Ben and his daddy spent some time together, Jeannie and I took a few walks.  There are two Great Danes who live in my neighborhood and we are very good friends.  Since they're a bit older than me, they're often napping when I walk by their yard.  But, every once in a while, I hear a friendly, slow, deep bark like mine and they come running to their fence line to say hello.  I hope their humans done mind me stomping through their flower beds...I promise I don't do it too often!

Don't I look an awful lot like the black Dane?  Maybe I'm a bit closer to 90% Dane after all...


  1. How lucky to have two Great Danes to say hello to on your walk, Mayli! I loved the trio of tails wagging in the video!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  2. You know, you're really really big! You're bigger then pure breed great danes! Just so you know, I really fancy your vest and socks. ;)
    Oh, and I'm sure the people wouldn't mind about their flower beds. I'm sure they're very pleased that a lovely girl like you wanted to trod there in the first place!