Dinner Etiquette

You know, I've really got it all -- brawn and brains.  Jeannie likes to make excuses for my short attention span by reminding others (and herself) that I'm part Great Dane.  But, look at me tackle this sit command under grueling circumstances.  

You can't see this, but two very distracting things happened off camera while I remained seated.  First, Akuma, my BFF-against-his-wishes, showed up to see if Jeannie was planning to add fresh kibble to his food dish.  Then, Jeannie dropped the scoop for my kibble onto the ground.  And through all of this, I did not stand, nor did I give up and lay down (my signature move). Impressed?


  1. What an adorable furbaby you have! We're following from the blog hop. Stop over and "meet" us at http://thedogblog84.blogspot.com/

    ~Katie, Nugget & Oscar

  2. Good job Mayli! The drool action was spot on. Showed much restraint there, although your human isn't as cruel as mine. Momma-1 sometimes makes me sit and wait AFTER I've begun eating my dinner! Can you imagine the inhumanity?!



    I like to bark to hurry things up...my Human walks back and looks at me until I'm quiet. She is so slow on the uptake! I hungry! Then she makes me sit, look at her and wait until she says "go ahead".

    Just wanted you to know how lucky you are!

    Thanks for following!
    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. That's some impressive drool!! I have to wait until Mom says "get it" and I sit and I sit and.....Why do they have to torture us like that?

  5. What a good girl!
    Such a great thing to do with your dog, especially if it is on the big (and hungry) side. I've written about my feeding time routine on my blog: http://whatdogsdo.blogspot.com/2011/01/feeding-time.html
    Most greyhounds can't sit so Ed and Cass lie down for their food. I should video it too, good idea!
    Thanks for checking out my blog. x

  6. @E.A.
    Hi, E.A.:

    I'm headed there now! :) Also, Jeannie had no idea that Greyhounds had difficulty sitting! Now, she's googling why that my be...

    - Mayli the Labradane

  7. Wow, everyone! Dinner rules are awfully strict in your homes!

    Jeannie is very new to doggies, so she really appreciates different perspectives on issues like these. She loves E.A.'s routine of asking her Greyhounds to lie down for dinner and I just overheard her telling Ben why she thinks they should implement this new rule. I wonder if my days on easy street are coming to an end...

  8. Yes we are impressed! Thanks for stopping by Bocci's Beefs-we're so glad you decided to become a follower:-)

  9. Good job, Mayli! Must be the clicker training at work! Thanks for the tip about the clicker training videos on Honey's site. They're amazing and I'm sure they'll be a big help to us! Also, was that Blue Buffalo food that I saw? That's what we give Oscar.

  10. @OscarBlogger
    Yes, you're spot on! My humans feed me Blue Buffalo Large Breed dog food. Now, I'm impressed!

    Jeannie's glad that you found Honey's blog helpful. We've spent a lot of time combing through Hsin-Yi's expert articles and videos. I had a suspicion that you might love Honey's site like we do.

    - Mayli the Labradane

  11. Ahem - what was that rude thing you were saying about Great Danes and attention spans? Hee! Hee!

    Well, I think what REALLY makes you out as a bonafide Dane is all that DROOLING!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  12. IMPRESSIVE indeed.

    Mumma has been trying to get me to pay attention and "sit" while she scoops my food, but no matter what she tries, I foil all her plans to discipline me ;)

    hee hee....